Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Name the Alien (Phase 5)

This is a big pack of resources for the following activity and is available to purchase for £1 from my ELSA website if you are interested. Name the Alien Resource

Here is how you can use this resource and I must say it worked brilliantly with a child I am working with who tends to guess at words and doesn't apply her phonics to blend. She was very motivated to make as many different names for the alien as possible.

First of all I introduced the Alien and told her he came from the planet /ay/. We repeated the sound and I asked the child to write the sound on a whiteboard so she could remember it. I then told her that she had a challenge to name him. He didn't have a name and she had to make a name for him. I asked her to cut out the cards. Lots of scissor practise to help motor skills needed here. I then asked her to read all the sounds to me to ensure she knew them all. She remembered the /ay/ sound. I told her that we had to have the /ay/ sound in his name because he was from the planet /ay/.
I then showed her the phoneme frame and told her that if she needed to press the sound buttons she could. I told her to rearrange the sounds in the boxes to make the names. She LOVED this and made loads of names, constantly blending over and over again using that /ay/ sound. Everytime she made a new name I asked her to write it on her sheet (see below). This reinforced the /ay/ sound and also segmenting skills. She wanted to make a HUNDRED but unfortunately time was an issue so I stopped her when she had done a reasonable amount. I then asked her to choose her favourite name. Again she blended and read every name that she had written to choose her favourite which was Zzayn.

To extend this activity further the child could describe their alien using adjectives and then write a few sentences about him.

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