Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Race to the board

This activity gets children up and moving around. You need to decide what your focus sounds are and lay the magnetic letters out on the floor at one side of the classroom. At the other side of the classroom you need magnetic boards. Ideally one magnetic board each but one between two would be fine. The adult shouts out a sound and the child must get the magnetic letter and move quickly and safely across the classroom and stick the letter on their board. This could be a great group activity or even class activity providing safety is taken into consideration. You could do this in the hall to give more room to run around.
 This could be extended by using words instead of just sounds. Read out a word and the child has to collect the correct letters, run across the classroom and spell the word.
You could also show the children a picture and the child has to get the beginning sound and run across the classroom to stick on their board.

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