Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Walk around and find a sound

Lay out the grapheme cards on the floor. Ask the children to step on the grapheme cards as they sing the following song. This is a little bit like musical chairs but they are actually stepping on a card rather than sitting on a chair.
‘Walk around and find a sound, find a sound, find a sound. Walk around and find a sound. What sound is it?’ (Sing to the tune of London’s burning).
When the song finishes then they stop on a grapheme card. Ask the children quickly one by one to shout out sound of the grapheme card they have landed on.

To extend this activity further then use words instead of graphemes and the child has to blend and read the word they land on. Another extension would be to use large picture cards which focus on the correct sounds and if they land on it they have to spell it.

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