Thursday, 14 August 2014

Dice and counters

For this activity you need a die and 4 colours of counters. The child has to throw the die and choose a counter out of a bag. Find the co-ordinate and either read or write accordingly. I am a great believer in cross curricular work. If you can get some maths in there the why not? Can they do the whole grid? With the reading activity they could draw a circle around the word to say they had done it. Children could play in pairs against each other and use different colours of pen to draw their circles. Who has done the most? These sheets are purely for the first 6 letters of Jolly phonics - satpin

For letter formation print as A3 for young children who cannot write small enough.

Download: Dice and counters graphemes
Download: Dice and counters words
Download: Dice and counters letter formation

Please let me know if you like these and I can do some more sheets with different letters/words. Comment below.

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