Monday, 11 August 2014

Hear the sound

Strips of paper with the focus graphemes (laminated if possible) – if you are working with a group of children make sure you have the sounds in a different order for each strip. This helps to stop children copying. These can be downloaded for free from the Phonics for Fidgets website.
Whiteboard pens or counters
Begin the activity by asking the children to read the sounds with you. ‘Who can find /p/? Point to it on your strip! Who can find /n/? Point to it on your strip!’ Show the child an object and ask them to listen carefully to the beginning sound. What sound is it? Say the word several times if necessary, emphasizing the beginning sound. The child must find the sound on their strip and circle it with a whiteboard pen. Or place a counter on the sound.

Think of a word beginning with each sound. Write a word for each sound on a white board. Have a strip of vowels a,e,I,o,u and ask the child which vowel they can hear in a word.

Download ready made strips from this link SATPIN strips

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