Monday, 18 August 2014

Full Circle games

Full circle games
Ask the child to draw two lines down their whiteboard to make a 3 box phoneme frame. Explain how each box contains one sound. Begin by asking them to write the first word from the list. Draw a dot in the first box just like in the photo so the child knows which way the word goes. When correct ask them to change the word to the next word on the list. They have to think about which sound to change so they must not rub out the whole word. Continue until you have read out all the words in the list. When the child realises they have gone ‘full circle’ they can shout ‘FULL CIRCLE’ and put their pen down. That makes them the winner.
I have purely concentrated on the first 6 letters. The skills are the same no matter what the letters are so to practising with letters they know really well is helpful. In my experience of working with SEN children it is important to practice the skill before bombarding with too many sounds. If children struggle to write you can use magnetic letters instead of a whiteboard pen.
Make sure children are holding their pens correctly and forming letters correctly. It is easier to change bad habits now rather than later.

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