Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Phonics Lesson 11

Learning objective: 

To read/write grapheme/phoneme /c/ and segment and blend cvc words


Go through the letters learnt so far s,a,t,p,i,n, m, d, g, o and quickly show the flashcard and read together.

Play race the sound

Decide which grid you want to use with your children. There may be a couple of sounds they are struggling with or you may want to use 6 different ones. I use just normal dice and cover with a little sticky label with the sound written on.


Teach /c/ using the flash card and objects beginning with the /c/ sound. Emphasis the cccccc sound before saying the name of the objects. This is a cccccclock, This is a ccccat,  this is a ccccake  Please click here for a set of phase 2 grapheme cards.
Use the Jolly phonics action.  Raise hands and snap fingers as if playing castanets and say c c c

All the children to do the action and say the sound. Make sure each child is saying the sound correctly.

Skywrite the letter /c/ and make sure child is making the /c/ shape correctly. You could also get children to sit in a circle and write the sound on each other's back so they can really feel it.

Click here to download a little booklet for letter formation.


Use Magnetic letters for segmenting.

Use the following letters - c, o, a, g, t, p, n, at the top of each board and then ask the children to make the following words.

  1. cot
  2. cog
  3. cop
  4. cap
  5. can
  6. cat


The children should be beginning to understand blending, reading and segmenting now so it is time to begin some caption work. 

Children to apply their knowledge to write a simple caption. 

'a cat in a can'

Show them the caption by writing it on a sentence strip. Everyone reads it together. Make sure you model sounding out and blending each word. Read and reread until the children know the caption. Count how many words their are. Ask each child to tell you what the caption is. Remove the caption and ask each child to write the caption on a whiteboard.

Send Home:

A list of words to practice with a parent. The aim being fast blending to automacy.

Please click here for the list of words.

Lessons will be added daily so to find all of the lessons either click the label 'planning' in the side bar or click here.

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