Saturday, 23 August 2014

Phonics lesson 7

Learning objective: 

To read/write grapheme/phoneme /m/ and segment and blend cvc words


Go through the letters learnt so far s,a,t,p,i,n and quickly show the flashcard and read together.

Photocopy 3 or 4 sets of the grapheme cards s/a/t/p/i/n shuffle and deal out to the children. Tell the children you are going to ask for a card and if they have it they must give it to you. The child who gets rid of their cards first is the winner.

Give me 'sssssss'
Give me 'aaaaaa'
Give me 'ttttttttttttt'

continue until a child gets rid of all their cards. Repeat this game if there is time.


Teach /m/ using the flash card and objects beginning with the /m/ sound. Emphasis the mmmmm sound before saying the name of the objects. This is mmmmilk, This is a a mmmmonkey, this is a mmmmouse Please click here for a set of phase 2 grapheme cards.
Use the Jolly phonics action.  Rub tummy as if seeing tasty food and say mmmmmm

All the children to do the action and say the sound. Make sure each child is saying the sound correctly.

Skywrite the letter /m/ and make sure child is making the /m/ shape correctly. You could also get children to sit in a circle and write the sound on each other's back so they can really feel it.

Click here to download a little booklet for letter formation.


Introduce phoneme frames to the children. A sound goes in each box. Give each child a whiteboard and pen and explain how you are going to write some words (if the child struggles with writing then give them some magnetic letters.) Show the child how to draw two lines down their whiteboard to divide it into 3. Please see this post on Phoneme frames. How would we write the following words?

  1. mat
  2. man
  3. map
  4. mit
  5. mop
Make sure you do the first one with the children to model listening to the sounds in the word. Verbally say 'mat' and then stretch it out 'mmmmmmaaaaaattttttt', then count with your fingers how many sounds you can hear mmmmm/aaaaaa/ttttttt/ I can hear 3 sounds.
The first sound is /m/ - show the children where you start writing. I usually put a dot on the first box on the phoneme frame. Write the /m/ show correct letter formation. Then say the word again and listen carefully to what the next sound is. Write this in the middle box and finally repeat with the last box. When you have written the word. Show the children how to blend the sounds into the word again. They must check this when they do their writing.


Demonstrate how to write the /m grapheme on a whiteboard. Children to make  bracelets with strips of card. See here.  This time however, they are writing some cvc words to practise blending during the day. They can choose one or two words from the above list. Tape the bracelet to the child's hand and ask the child to keep reminding themselves of the words during the day. Keep asking children what their words say. Send a quick note home to parents before beginning these sessions asking them to keep asking their child what the word/words/ say on their bracelet.

Send Home:

A list of words to practice with a parent. The aim being fast blending to automacy.

Please click here for the list of words.

Lessons will be added daily so to find all of the lessons either click the label 'planning' in the side bar or click here.

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